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Model NO:SXC4-6X50

Product Description:
This machine consists of machine heads,hand driven lift mechanism,profile-holding worktable,machine framework and electric chest.The whole machine can be equipped with four machine heads,which are left machine head,middle machine head,right machine head,low machine head.To meet different processing requirement of different kinds of profile,we can select double allocations(left and middle),three allocations(left,middle,and right),and four allocations(left,middle,right,and low)to run.All the working combinations of every machine heads can be completed through the select swith on the electric chest.

This machine uses module structure.During running,all the machine heads can single work,or selected interlock work,which is free to select,easy to is mainly used for processing water slot on PVC profile.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 220V 50Hz
Input Power 1.52Kw
Working Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 110L/min
Diameter of milling cutter Ø5mm
Overall Dimension 1500X960X1500mm
Net weight 240Kg

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