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Model NO: LJZ2-450x3700

Product Description:
1- Used for cutting PVC and aluminum profile at angle of 45 and 90degree.
2- Carbide saw blade gives accurate processing and high endurance.
3- The two heads can work independently and simultaneously.
4- The movement of right saw head is driven by motor. 
5- Cutting off the required length and two end angles are available by one time processing.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 380V 50Hz
Input Power 3 Kw
Working Air Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Air Consumption 200L/min
Cutting length 400-3700mm
Cutting section 120x200mm-90 degree, 120x165mm-45 degree
Cutting Angle -45 - 0 - 45 degree
Cutter feeding speed 0 - 3m/min
Saw blade rotate speed 2800r/min
Saw blade specification 450 x 4 x 30mm-120
Cutting angle allowance +5' - -5'
Repeat locating length <=0.2mm
Cutting profile surface planeness <=0.1mm
Cutting profile surface roughness Ra12.5um
Overall dimension 4500x1170x1400mm
Net weight 880Kg

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