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Model NO: LJZ2D-500x4200

Product Description:
1) Mainly used for cutting aluminum and UPVC profile (22.5, 45, 90 degree)
2) Feeding system adopts world-famous linear guide framework with high accuracy and stability.
3) Right head feeding adopts locking band type driving ensured high accurate lock locating and driving.
4) Adopt digital display technique. Cutting size can be displayed on the screen, ensures high processing accuracy.
5) World-famous carbide saw blade give accurate processing and high efficiency.
6) Saw blade rotate smoothly due to high accuracy main spindle.
7) Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion due to damping cylinder.
8) Auto-induction middle profile supporter and following profile supporter made the loading and clamping convenient.
9) Auto-opening guard shield ensured safety operation.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 380V 50Hz
Input Power 4.4Kw
Working Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 60L/min
Cutting length 400-4200mm
Cutting section 135x300mm-90 degree, 135x200mm-45 degree
Cutting Angle 22.5, 45, 90 degree
Saw blade diameter 500mm
Cutting angle allowance +5' - -5'
Repeat locating length <=0.1mm
Cutting profile surface planeness <=0.1mm
Cutting profile surface roughness Ra12.5um
Overall dimension 5530x1750x1950mm
Net weight 1850Kg


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