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Model NO: GPL-XY1800

Product Description:
This machine is used for washing and pressing glass to make insulating glass. It is composed of input conveyor, washing machine, inspecting conveyor, spacer attaching section, pressing machine,  output conveyor etc.
1.This machine can produce three-pane IG and special IG for curtain wall which the two panes have different size.
2.It adopts PLC control system, OMRON sensor, the man-machine interface adopts color touch screen.
3.Frequency conversion speed regulator for stable coveying.
4.Three pairs brushes, larger diameter(180mm) and different hardness of brushes, make glass much cleaner.
5.It can recognize Low-E glass and choose the soft brushes automatically.
6.Key parts use stainless steel and corrosion resisting materials, which has outstanding waterproof and antiseptic functions.
7.This machine can be upgraded and expanded according to users' requests.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage 380V 50Hz
Input Power 19.5Kw
Travel speed 8-48m/min
Max size of glass 1800 x 2500mm
Min size of glass 280 x 400mm
Glass thickness 3-18mm
Overall dimension 16000X2350X2680mm
Net weight 5500Kg



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