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Project for Insulating glass processing plant (economic)  
Name Model Remark
Vertical flat-pressing Production Line GPL-XY1800 washing, drying and pressing glass.
Bicomponent extruder machine GT05 mixing and coating two-component glue around insulating glass
Vertical butyl spreading machine TJJ03 spread butyl glue evenly on both side of aluminum frame.
Glass edging machine M-TS95 milling the glass edge.
Aluminum spacer cutting machine TLJ aluminum spacer cutting
Dessicant filler GF01 filling dessicant into aluminum spacer
Automatic Rubber-Spreading Table XZT-B turning the insulating glass when spreading butyl glue.
Workshop(square meter) 300
Production Output(piece/hour) 80
Worker Required 6-10
 This kind of Equipments configuration is suitable for producing insulating glass(Double glass) with Aluminum spacer type.

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