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Project for PVC Window and Door Assembly Plant (Economic)  
Name Model Remark
 Three-Head Welding Machine  SHZ3-120X3600  For Welding the win-door
 Double Mitre Saw
 LJZ2-450X3600  For aluminum and PVC profile
 PVC Profile Glazing Bead Saw  SJYW-25  For pressing the seal of the window
  Lock hole processing machine  LZF-300X100 Milling lock holes, hinge slots and handle mounting holes on PVC profiles. 
 V-notch Cutting Saw  LJVW-60  Used for cutting "V" notch on PVC or Aluminum profile
 CNC Corner-Cleaning Machine  SQJ-120-MT  For cleaning the corner of win-door
 V-notch weldseam cleaning machine  SQJV-120  For cleaning the V-corner of swinging win-door
 Sealed Cover Milling Machine  SXF-18X20  For milling the sealed cover of win-door 
 Water Slot Routing Machine(2 axis)  SXC2-6X50   For milling the water slot of windows


Workshop 200sq.m.
Production Output(sp.m./y) 15000sq.m.
Worker Required 15
This configuration is suitable for the pvc window and door which adopts European style profile with its transom to be welded. Annual output by single duty is 20000-25000㎡ It is a basic common equipment without customers' special requirment. For further information,please contact us.

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