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Project for PVC Window and Door Assembly Plant (Senior)   
Name Model Remark
Four-corner welding machine SHP4-120X1800X3000 Welding the profile
Three-Head Welding Machine SHZ3-120X3600 Welding the profile
Double mitre saw LJZ2-500X4200 Cut profile
PVC Profile glazing bead saw SJYW-25 Cut glass blead
V Notch cutting saw LJVW-60 Cut V notch on profile
CNC corner-cleaning machine SQJ-120-MT Cleaning tumor after welding
V-corner cleaning machine SQJV-120 Cleaning the V-corner
Mid-frame cutting saw SJZ-300 Cut the mid-frame
Arc bending machine for PVC profile SYH-1800 Bend profile into arch
Sealed cover milling machine


Milling the sealed cover
Water slot routing machine


Milling the water slot
Lock-hole processing machine


Drilling lock-hole
Workshop 500-700sq.m.
Production Output(sp.m./y) 40,000-50,000sq.m.
Worker Required 24

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